This Friday/PFLAG/Other

Ok this week is a busy week.
First up this week is thursday at 7pm and that will be PFLAG's open forum :Demythifying Homosexuality.
Friday: being the last friday of the month this is an open age/sexuality/gender night adn Terri and Molly will be leading a Bisexuality panel. They have been working on this one for a while so it'll be great.
last and not least: Saturday morning a group will be going to Chester for Operation Free Fall. This will be an all day event with pinic and a lot of fun. This is in reconition of domestic abuse since april is domestic abuse awarness month.
One last note: If you are interested in going to Time Out Youth's Conference the last day to get hte early bird fee is this friday and i need to know if you are needing a ride by next wensday.
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Good News!

Kewl I just found out that people actually can find this community so I am now going to start at the begining of each month posting the overall calender for the month and then each thursday post what is going on for this week. If another big event comes up/or if we're doing something other than a regular meeting I will post those sooner.
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well im not sure if people can find this little community or not. i was working on it not too long ago and it seems the only communities that come up in a search are the first 500 that have that same search criteria or 100 somthing like that. but in case there is people out there here we go :)
this month is jammed pack with great topics:

Jan 6 "What I learned this year (about myself), and
New Year's Resolutions" Open Discussion, come prepared
to share

Jan. 13 "Inertia, how to get going, overcome inertia,
and accomplish your goals" Presenter : Marilyn
Coltrane, Marilyn is a professor in Counseling at
Converse and has a private practice

Jan 20 "Power Sleep" presenter, Mary Lawson :)))
Why getting enough sleep isn't being lazy, but smart!
How to sleep better and make it work for you...

Jan 27 "Adoption legalities for GLBT couples in SC"
Mr. Jack Lawrence, an attorney in Spartanburg and
member of Pflag will share his legal knowledge with us
on this topic

if you're out there and want to meet up dont hesitate to email i check my email reguraly but unfortunatly i cant b online for too much cos my comp is down.
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this week's meeting

The meeting this Friday will be on chatting online and
internet dating, Rich is leading the program. It
should be interesting. It is from 6-7:30 this Friday
as usual at the Red Cross. Joyce, Ben, Rich and
Ashley need to finalize plans for going to the
speakers training this Saturday in Charlotte. Tony,
Crystal, Joyce and I will be meeting 30 minutes prior
to the meeting to finalize the calender for this
month. We had a low turnout last week so if we don't
have more people come we may go to biweekly meetings.
So come out if you possible can this Friday! There
are also a lot of issues we need to vote on. I plan
on coming back to the meetings in January.
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Yay it's the first post :)

awww it's a first post of my first community.
neways this is a community to help put the zone out there so more people can find us :) are you gay? are you lesbian? Bi mayb? transgendered or transexual? are you b/n the ages 16-22? are you looking for a fun time with people who share common interests? then this is the place for you :D we're a great group in spartanburg, sc. we have memebers from all over the area and a really close group. we love having new memebers.
this is not a sad group the topics are great and are runned by both speakers brought in or by members within the group:D we meet friday nights at 6pm.
i just want to say welcome and that this group is open to everyone. but do remember this is a support group do not bash other people. if you're hear to "save us" or to tell us that "homosexuality is wrong" or just to cause trouble there's the back button right up there.
but i hope yall enjoy the community:D and those in the area if you are interested or have questions about the group feel free to email me at
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